New Alumni Board Announced

Park alumni have elected a new PAS board.

The Park Alumni Society is pleased to announce a board for the 2006-2008 term. Two online elections were held to select the officers and voting board.

The PAS board officers are: Terrell Russell (2000), president; Kim Bloomfield (2002), vice president; Wortham Boyle (2003), treasurer; and Kelly Marks (2000), secretary. Officers were selected using a ranked vote.

The remaining 5 voting board positions were selected from a pool of 11 nominees. In a bloc vote, four alumni were chosen and a tie-breaking coin toss determined the final board member. The voting board is Meg Andrews (2004), Brent Rowe (2002), Tommy Vitolo (2000), Mark Voelker (2002), and Christian Wilson (2003).

Board members will serve a 2-year term. Final results for both elections are available at the Alumni Voting Booth. For more information about the process you can also visit the Election Details and Voting Procedures.