About the PAS

About the Board

The Park Alumni Society is overseen by an 11-member board, which consists of 9 voting members and 2 non-voting Ex-Officio members from the campus community. All members serve 2-year terms and are selected by online election.

Executive Board

The full duties of the Executive Board are spelled out in the Constitution. One year is required on the Voting Board before running for one of the four Executive positions.

The president presides over meetings and serves as official PAS representative at events. They are also the liaison to the Park Scholarships program.
The vice president serves as the liaison to the NC State Alumni Association. They also assist the president and take-on the duties of that office when necessary.
The treasurer keeps an accurate record of the Society’s monies and handles taxes. They also handle receipts, deposits and bills.
The secretary keeps minutes of Society meetings and oversees correspondence. They also report to alumni about the society’s activities and events and handle outside publicity when necessary.

Voting Board

In addition to the officers, 5 other elected members round out the Voting Board. Two additional Ex-Officio members attend meetings: the Park Scholarships Director (or appointee) and a representative from the NC State Alumni Association.