An Apple Tree Grows in the Park Community

The Park Scholarships prepares scholars for a variety of paths in life. Sometimes, though, those paths overlap. Currently, four Park alumni from different classes have at least one thing in common: they all work for Apple. Discover how the Park Scholarships helped prepare them for their different roles at a groundbreaking and innovative company.

Ricky Bloomfield ‘02
Start date: November 2016
Title: Clinical & Health Informatics Lead
Projects/main responsibilities:

“I wasn’t sure what I really wanted to do when I started at NC State. I knew that I enjoyed science and technology and that I wanted to develop skills to help others. The Park Scholarships gave me the support and flexibility to explore many paths — I ended up majoring in chemistry and secondary education while getting minors in Spanish and saxophone performance — while making the decision to pursue a career in medicine. While cliche, I’m working at Apple because I followed my passion, and the Park Scholarships instilled in me a desire to do just that.”

Sarah Cummings ‘14
Start date: July 2015
Title: Machine Learning Engineer
Projects/main responsibilities:

  • > Build effective and robust anti-fraud systems that protect all of Apple’s internet services.
“The Park Scholarships provided an increasingly incredible network of alumni who are always willing to help out one another. During my time at NC State, I had the opportunity to visit Boston for the first time for a conference. Knowing no one there, I looked on SPIFFY and ended up meeting with five different Park Scholarships alumni, and even some of their family members… Today I am working as a machine learning engineer at Apple, but my experience with Park Scholarships continue to remind me of the importance of networks.”

Joy Johnson ‘07
Start date: February 2016
Title: Senior Hardware Engineer
Projects/main responsibilities:

  • > Work on classified special projects.
  • > Help manage prototyping efforts for new products to product/project management for existing products to working in thin film research and development of technologies for flagship products.
“Primarily, I think the Park Scholarships allowed me the financial freedom to focus on my technical work (building, prototyping, and inventing) while building relationships for technical and professional collaboration without the hindrance of finances. Because of this, I now have the technical skill and community of collaborators and experts I can tap into as we build the best products for our customers.”

Lauren Winslow ‘04
Start date: April 2014
Title: Senior Interactive Art Director
Projects/main responsibilities:

  • > Oversee a collection of design solutions that span the shopping experiences on, the Apple Store app, email, and in-store platforms.
  • > Direct design and oversee the build of multi-platform design systems initiatives.
  • > Collaborate with the creative, production, engineering, accessibility, and human interface teams.
“The Park Scholarships prepared me to step forward and be willing to lead with confidence and integrity, whatever the situation. The program instilled in me a desire to serve the greater good through thoughtful, effective leadership.”

posted 2019.06.15