Bryan Peele '12 Intertwines Research and Service

Bryan Peele ‘12 is passionate about using his mechanical engineering training to serve others. During his first semester at NC State, Peele began undergraduate research with his Park Faculty Mentor, Dr. Richard Gould, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, to create a solar-powered cooler to transport vaccines in developing countries.

He went on to spend a summer at the University of Hawaii at Manoa through the National Science Foundation’s Research Experiences for Undergraduates program, where he worked with researchers to develop a computational model that predicts the effect of storm surges on shipping containers.

Recently, Peele received a Park Enrichment Grant for a research project involving the campus chapter of Engineers Without Borders, NC State’s Solar Center, and College of Engineering faculty to design a low-cost, sustainable wind turbine for the Village Learning Center school in Lower Allen Town, Sierra Leone. The turbine will provide power for lighting and fans so that local residents who farm during the day can have access to education in the evenings. While intended specifically for the African school, the design will be applicable for use as an economical renewable energy option for communities around the globe.

“The Park Scholarships program has greatly enriched my college experience, providing the encouragement and resources for me to explore my personal and professional interests,” says Peele.

Peele plans to pursue a career that combines international development, engineering, teaching, and research.

Bryan Peele ‘12 and Heidi Klumpe ‘13 with their wind turbine prototype.