Andrew Miller '13 Receives Thomas Edison Innovation Induction Award

Andrew Miller ‘13 was presented with the Thomas Edison Innovation Induction Award at the 14th Annual Induction and Benefit Event for the National Gallery for America’s Young Inventors in Akron, Ohio.

Andrew is among a select group of six students from across the nation named for their work in creating the top inventions of the year. His project, Optimizing Turbine Blade Efficiency by Manipulating Boundary Layer Separation, involved the development of a modified wind turbine blade intended to improve both lift and power production.

“This experience has taught me about the process of discovery, the trials that come with it, and how to communicate my findings in an understandable way,” says Miller. As a result of this project, Miller believes that applying for other patents in the future will not be as difficult.

The National Gallery for America’s Young Inventors, a program of the National Museum of Education, was established in 1993 to identify outstanding student inventions and their inventors. The program preserves and promotes the works of young American inventors whose ideas hold promise to positively impact society.

After graduating in May 2013, Andrew plans to attend medical school with the intention of becoming an orthopedic surgeon.